Awards & News

Awards & News

2022 Awards

2022 what an amazing year! Absolutely thrilled to add a further 5 awards to our trophy cabinet.

Global Wedding Awards 2022

Best Vintage China and Afternoon Tea Specialist-London

Influential Business Woman Awards

Vintage Crockery Hire Business Leader of the Year 2022 -Claire Phan

Innovation and Excellence Awards 2022

Afternoon Tea Specialist of the Year 2022

Corporate live Wire Global Awards 2022

Vintage Styling Specialist of the year

SME Greater London Enterprise Awards

Best Vintage China Hire Business 2023

We’ve maintained our 5star rating and made many new friends along the way.

Well done team!!

2022 Awards - Best Vintage China and Afternoon Tea Specialist
2022 Awards - Best Vintage China and Afternoon Tea Specialist

2021 Awards

We are delighted that our hard work and dedication to our clients has been recognized and rewarded. In 2021 we have added a further three awards to our trophy cabinet.

Claire Phan Best Vintage China Hire & Afternoon Tea Specialist - London

Influential Businesswoman Awards

Best Vintage China Crockery Hire Service

Global wedding awards

Best Vintage Styling Specialists

SME news. Greater London Awards

We have received lots of new reviews and maintained our 5-star Google rating.

A fantastic year for the team! You can view images of our beautiful vintage crockery in the gallery. Details of our afternoon tea can be found by viewing our menu.

2021 Awards - Claire Phan Best Vintage China Hire & Afternoon Tea Specialist
2021 Awards - Claire Phan Best Vintage China Hire & Afternoon Tea Specialist

Introducing the new Cake Away Menu

We are delighted to introduce our new 'Cake Away' menu. A selection of finger sandwiches, scones with lashings of cream and jam, sweet treats, delicious cakes and a collection of organic tea all served on our award-winning vintage china and delivered to your door. Minimum order two people. Perfect for celebrations for yourself and loved ones.

Afternoon Tea Etiquette

Afternoon Tea is a British institution that gained popularity amongst the aristocrats' way back in 1840. It has its own code of etiquette. Follow the guidelines below and you'll look at home in all the great Tea rooms across the United Kingdom.

Never slouch and no elbows on the table, please fold your napkin crease facing towards you on your lap.

Use a tea strainer for loose tea leaves, offer to pour for others first. Tea followed by milk. Rather than a circular motion, stirring must be done in a back and forth motion, six to twelve o'clock. This helps to dissolve the sugar cube, reduce noise, splash, prevent whirlpooling sugar cubes and undissolved sugar at the bottom of the teacup.

To hold the cup, place your thumb and index finger through the handle and rest the cup on your middle finger. No protruding pinkies. If you're seated on a low height table, pick-up both the teacup and saucer. On a high table, you only need to pick up the teacup.

Always start with the sandwiches, these should be eaten with your fingers. Moving on to the scones. Use your fingers to break the scone into two. Take a portion of cream and jam and place on the edge of your side plate, before loading onto your scone.

Fun Facts; Scone is often miss pronounced, the correct pronunciation is 'sk-on'.

You have two options for scone layering; the Devonshire way is to first layer the cream, followed by the jam, and the Cornish way is to first layer the jam, followed by the cream. Both are delicious! Scones must always be eaten in two halves not sandwiched together.

If you forget all of the above the most important rule to follow is to enjoy! It's such a wonderful tradition enjoyed by generations.

If you would like to arrange an afternoon tea, we would be very happy to help. We have a 5 star review on google and have always received positive feedback from our customers.

Afternoon Tea Delighting Society for almost 200 years

The wonderful invention of English afternoon tea came about in 1840. Anna, seventh Duchess of Bedford found the wait between lunch and dinner too long, so she began to serve bread and butter, cake and tea at 4'o clock. This became very popular amongst her friends and so began the tradition of afternoon tea.

Fast-forward 40 years; afternoon tea had become a fashionable event. Drawing rooms up and down the country were filled with society women dressed in their finery, taking tea

Exquisite bone china tea sets in beautiful colours would be used to serve. Dainty sandwiches were introduced, scones with lashings of clotted cream and homemade cakes all washed down delicious tea.

Today our menu is very similar to that which delighted the society ladies in their grand drawing rooms. We serve on beautiful vintage china and cater for all occasions.

If you have a special occasion coming up that you would like to celebrate with a traditional afternoon tea, we would be delighted to help. Contact us to find out more.

Styling Tips for a Vintage Wedding

Picture this, two newlyweds boarding the last steam train, or hopping onto a boat sailing into the sunset. Now let's try to capture the romance of travel from the bygone era in a visually stunning way.

Stream trunks and wartime leather suitcases, not only look great but offer a practical place for wedding cards. Group items together to create more impact. Start to layer objects; an old map of the honeymoon destination, an old compass, vintage binoculars, folding camera, and a beautiful parasol. Add flowers to tie in with the colour theme.

Display the guest book on a table surrounded by interesting looking vintage objects. Use lots of vintage books, an old typewriter, an ornate birdcage, paperweights and old photos. Include photos of older relatives to delight your guests. Be sure to align the frames to the vintage theme.

Vintage books also make beautiful centrepieces, these can be enhanced with candles or flowers. Serve tea and coffee from vintage china and use champagne saucers to add some 1930s glamour. Smaller details, such as silver sugar tongs and linen napkins all help to create an elegant vintage atmosphere.

If you're planning a summer wedding, a traditional game of croquet on the lawn is quintessentially British and very popular with guests.

Congratulations on your engagement! We hope this was helpful. All of the props mentioned can be found in our collection. Contact us to discuss further and to hire.

Vintage Props

The Royal Wedding

As the excitement is building for the Royal wedding. I was pleased to read that afternoon tea had been included in the celebrations. Yesterday Harry and Meghan took tea with the queen, and today the Mother of the Bride is to meet the Queen for the first time over tea.

Up and down the country people plan to celebrate with the royal couple, by hosting street parties, tea parties and eating lots of delicious cake. Even the weather seems to be co-operating, with the sun predicted to shine throughout the day.

We Brits love a good party and I'm intrigued to find out what will be on the menu. I believe that the Royal couple have done away with tradition for their wedding cake and opted for a lemon and elderflower creation from Claire Ptaks, which sounds delicious and very similar to the wedding cake served at my own wedding, so I'm slightly biased already.

I'll be watching the ceremony in my finery, albeit from my front room. After which I'll be hosting a delicious afternoon tea fit for royalty served on beautiful vintage china. I'll be sure to raise a champagne coupe to the newlywed couple.

Best of Luck Harry and Meghan, wishing you a lifetime of happiness together.

Afternoon Tea Cocktails

After a lot of trial and error, we have finally put together a tea inspired cocktail list worthy of all occasions.

Drunk from a champagne coupe or a pretty teacup, your guests will love them.

Our favourite is the Green Tea Gimlet. To make a batch of 4 you need:

  • 5oz of Tanqueray gin
  • 2 heaped teaspoons of Genmai Cha Japanese green tea
  • 3oz of fresh lime juice
  • 2oz of sugar syrup (Easy to make, its equal amounts sof sugar to water heated until the sugar is dissolved and left to cool. I make up enough to fill a bottle and keep it in the fridge).
  • 4 lime wheels as garnish
  • Ice

Click here" for detailed instructions on how to make.

Contact us to discuss hiring our vintage china for your special occasion.

Official Vintage Wedding Supplier

We are now an official supplier for Magpie Wedding. For further images, check out our beautiful gallery.

If you are looking for a particular coloured china tea set to match your colour scheme, get in touch. We have lots of beautiful vintage china, I'm sure we'd be able to supply something that's perfect for your special day.

To discuss hiring our vintage china in London or the surrounding areas, drop us a line.